Azeus Convene Board Portal Most Useful Features

Azeus Convene Board Portal

The emergence of technological solutions for board portals was just in time, they have very successfully entered the market, had demanded and expanded their production.  Due to the development of business and the trend of digitalization, the traditional methods of preparing meetings and conducting meetings began to lose their relevance and effectiveness. With this, it was urgent to do something, and here come to the aid of portals for boards, which can optimize and speed up all processes. In this article, we will take a look at Azeus Convene board portal and its main features.

Azeus Convene – General Features

Azeus Convene is on the list of leading board portal developers and has received many awards during its existence. It has found customers among many leading companies in industries ranging from finance to nonprofit. Azeus’ services extend to more than 100 countries around the world, accordingly providing support languages for their respective countries. The developer has focused its functions on presenting useful tools for executives and board secretaries, allowing them to efficiently organize and manage the meeting and control the entire process of preparation and exchange of data. With automated processes, you save valuable time, and the high security of the space ensures complete confidentiality of data and all processes that take place within the space, including votes, discussions, video meetings, and collaborative work on tasks. Convene uses CMMI Level 5, a mechanism that has been in place for more than 30 years and which is a proven way to protect privacy.

Azeus Convene pricing

Azeus Convene is the type of vendor that bases its pricing on the number of users who use the program. That is, the program provides a certain number of users who can use the solution for free, and for every other user, you will have to pay extra. How many users per month used the board port – that will be your price. The developers offer a free trial period so that you can have an experience using Azeus before you buy the service. The whiteboard portal supports any device and remote access so authorized users can enter the space when they need it. To find out the exact price for the portal, contact the vendor.

Key benefits of Azeus Convene

Below we’ve highlighted the key features of Azeus Convene that set it apart from the competition and make it so popular:

  • Assisted meeting management

The whiteboard portal can greatly simplify the work of a meeting secretary, it provides ready-made templates for creating minutes and agendas, allows you to keep all materials in a secure centralized space, and use the smart search function to quickly find and collect all the necessary files for a particular event or document. For example, with Azeus, a secretary can quickly create an agenda and upload it to the public in the space, ensuring that every user notices and can study the necessary materials before the meeting.

  • Quality Help Desk

A reputation for quality must be maintained. Azeus Convene understands this well and provides quality support services. You can ask for help at any time of the day or night, through live chat, a call to the hotline, or via email. Support also provides several ways to learn how to use the program.

  • Flexibility and convenience

The whiteboard portal supports all possible operating systems and can provide access from any location with good, stable Internet.

  • Security

In addition to basic security, the whiteboard portal also uses encryption, dual authentication, and security protocols to protect the space from unauthorized access and data leakage. Azeus also uses granular permissions to access and interact with documents.